Diego Pujal

Buenos Aires, 1971

Periode of residence: January 2008 – December 2009

Diego Pujal uses big canvases and monochromatic backgrounds dominated by one solemn, unique and totemic form. Even better, he uses a non-form, simply sketched, amorph, organic, fleshy, and wishing to break its forced bidimentionality, incapable, as it is, to do so. This functions, on the pictorial surface, like a premonitory signifier, puzzled and ambiguous in front of something that offers itself while resists to give itself up, forever withholding its confirmation. In short, it works like a visual mystery that invites the viewer to a kind of interpretative limbo -an impossible, and an in-between position- in which the end result (the final message we are supposed to get) is mixed up by the means employed to reach it (the way to access it).



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