Matías Ercole

Matias Ercole, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1987

How much of a lie is there in any image? There’s a phrase that states that a credible lie can make the unreal appear realistic. Ercole strives to show the different possibilities that arise in any mind, transforming them into drawings. He works thinking about the tensions between what’s a lie and what’s real, what’s possible and what’s not. About the sensations they construct and translate. He wants to lure the viewers with this new reality and, at the same time, disturb them with this “stranged” version of reality and the anguish it can stir up.

Matías Ercole resides in Buenos Aires and he studied the Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Buenos Aires’ Art University (IUNA). Currently, he is part of CIA’s (Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas) scholarship program.

From 2011 to 2013 he had several individual shows: Déjà vécu (2013), Manifestations of an unnamed phenomenon (2012), Where only the wind resides (2011). During 2012 he is invited to make a site specific drawing in the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, MAMBA.

Amid his interests outside his own work, he is involved in the production and cultural management of other projects within the arts. He is co-founder (with Laura Ojeda y Maria Crimella) of LaBoston, an experimental showing space located in Buenos Aires; and he worked in the making of the Multiplicidad conference, a summit about different forms of association between art and politics (CIA, Buenos Aires, 2013).



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