Friends, this Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of July, we invite you to take part in …

Sharing ‘Techno-Degenerated’ Visions!!!
In extending and strengthening techno.trans.gender collaboration, through the 3 key issues of the visual code critique: gender, migration/borders and open-access technology. In transforming legal, moral, physical, sexual and technological boundaries, imposed by the norms of the dominant hetero-patriarchal system. In how we can modify these boundaries, move them, bring them into question, bring them down …

It’s important and necessary to create ‘cross-awareness’ environments which are cross-sectional and where people with similar political inclinations and activities work on different themes.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.


FRIDAY – July 18 – 2008
18h00 – Opening, Welcoming Speech and Conference Presentation

Technoactivism, Social Transformation and Sexual Work
18h30. Presentation of work and debate session with:
–Ningun Lugar
–Nuria Escudero and Yolanda Pardo

Wireless networks, airwaves and communication boundaries
20h00. Presentation of work and debate session with:
–Radio Paca
–Okupem les Ones


SATURDAY – July 18

Cross-border sexuality
17h00 Presentation of work and debate session with:
–Cross-border: migration, frontiers/boundaries, visibility, declaration–
Carmen Romero Bachiller. Immigrant women from an articulative perspective.
–Fernando Zarco Hernández: How are skin colour and sex/gender categories articulated in erotic practice among migrants in Barcelona city?

Women’s networks, Spontaneous output and Human interface devices (HID)
19h00. Presentation of work & debate session with:
–Reni Hofmueller: Digital Improvisation
–Sara Platon: GenderChangers (in English)
–Nancy Sistero: Bricolage- local and emergent technologies, custom built interfaces and the vanity apocalypse. (in English)

| Friday 18 – 22h00.
| |– Reni Hofmueller
| Saturday 19 – 22h00.
| ‘–RestosMortales@NL
|– FLOSS audio-visual workshop
| Saturday 19 – 12h00 – 14h00
| ‘–registration
| |– Bzzzbip
| ‘–Miss Luna
|– Photographs – Video Screenings
| ‘–QuimeraRosa/DonesTech/PostOp
| HardCode/NingunLugar/AssPirates
| lallunadecaligula/LaManiako/El Mejillon Colorao
| Encosianima …+
|– DesGenerada Room
| ‘–Corporal Activism
| Pornoterrorismo
|– Eating Area – Vegetarian/Vegan

WHERE? HANGAR. Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40 Can Ricart


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Ningún Lugar
another world is necessary
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