Directed by Minja Gu & Yun Sabi (Korea)

In the same way that we see and observe other people, we too are observed. Responding to the gaze of others, we can show, conceal or change our own identity, as well as pretending or acting in order to seem different. Sometimes, in order to display a specific personality, we pay great attention to behaving and acting in a certain way. At the same time, we often respond to our own “internal eyes” with which we observe and control ourselves. Individuals express their own identities within their own context and in relation to people and society.

This workshop deals with “the gaze”, observing and being observed, the reaction and response that this generates, as well as awareness of the gaze.

Number of participants: 15 people
Dates: 1st to 5th of December 2008, from 19 to 20’30h.
Meeting place: Minja Gu’s studio at Hangar – 1st floor.
Language: English (not essential)
Requirements: Digital camera or mobile phone with camera if you have one.
Registration: Free
How to enroll:
By e-mail:  produccio@hangar.org  / Reference: “Taller el Uno y los Otros”. Please send a presentation letter and your telephone number.
To know more: 933084041(ext 22)
Applycation deadline: December 1st at 13h.

Nobody can talk or speak. Workshop introduction and presentation. Each person creates a new identity, describes it and writes it down (nationality, ethnic group, sexual identity, gender, age, work, background, place of residence, favourite food, sexual preference, habits, traumas, experiences, parents, brothers and sisters, education, height, weight etc.)

Activating the created identity
We all take the metro. Between two stops each person will depict their identity according to certain orders. Everyone has to bear in mind the given orders, observe the other performances and play their own role. The other passengers mustn’t notice that we are performing as it all has to be based on normal everyday behaviour.

The gaze.
The whole group comes together in a small space. Without speaking, everyone in the group observes each other for about 15 minutes. The group moves to another place and, once more, starts to observe. The space becomes increasingly large. During each of these processes, we are not allowed to forget our “created identity”.

We will play hide-and-seek in a large area where it is difficult to find people. Nobody is allowed to forget their “identity” and they will think about the way in which it is hidden. The person doing the seeking has to try to find the others. It is possible that nobody will be found during the given time. If the person doing the seeking finds somebody, they have to take a photo of that person.
When the time is up, the group visits each “hideout” where the person who chose it explains their choice, the reason behind it and what they thought.

Physical endurance test
Each person carries out a physical endurance test: run 100m, throwing, sit-ups, push-ups …

Each person has five minutes to explain their “created identity”, overstating it and concentrating on the tiny details.

Download Minja Gu’s portfolio.

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