Minimal Techno by Physical Phenomena. Live performance by FUJI||||||||||TA

On 20 March, Japanese composer FUJI||||||||||TA celebrates the opening/show of his research project Minimal Techno by Physical Phenomena, which he is developing during a one-month residency at Hangar. This residency is possible thanks to the To Be Made Instrument grant, part of Hangar’s Politics of Listening research and action line.

FUJI||||||||||TA’s work is the result of an interest in listening as a primary method of composition. His music reflects the behaviour of sound and the listening strategies with which we actively and passively engage in everyday life. In 2009 Fujita built a DIY instrument, a pipe organ based on an ancient Japanese forging system called “gagaku”, with 11 pipes and no keyboard. From his own imagination, without any specialist knowledge, it was designed to create ambience rather than function as a musical instrument. More recently, Fujita has added the element of water to his repertoire, incorporating synthesised water tanks with sound alongside the pipe organ and voice.

Over the last few months we have been engaged in a profound reflection on the need to rethink the role that other forms of sensibility should play, particularly in relation to the listening and sound practices traditionally anchored in Hangar: contexts, communities and support. This exercise has given rise to an implementation of Hangar’s already consolidated sound scholarship, previously called Audioformal, which from this year onwards will be called To Be Made Instrument. The intention is to create a context for research and specific work on sound and listening practices, based on the realisation that they are as necessary as they are lacking in the local and international context. To Be Made Instrument explores the experience of listening as a poetic and political practice of resistance, solidarity and community in the face of neoliberal individualisation and its bio-geopolitical effects.

Practical information
Day: 20 March
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Sala Ricson, Hangar
Admission: 5 €


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