Azahara Cerezo

Azahara Cerezo, Girona 1988

Residency period: January – March 2016

Azahara Cerezo explores urban forms and relations of (no) visibility in the physic and virtual space through real-time data access and their use, re-appropriation processes and strategic shifts of archive material and of her own. Her projects address contradictions in territorial singularity, whose physical dimension merges with digitization, and take the form of actions -often online-, of experimental videos and installations. Her working dynamics are often related to production in the context of artistic residencies and to collaboration with other artists.

She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Aurònoma de Barcelona and a Master degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Universitat Politècnica de València. She has realized residencies at 1646 (The Hague, Holland), Flax Arte Studios (Belfast, Northern Ireland), MOTA (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and Digital Arts Studios (Belfast).
Recently she has had exhibitions in: In Search of Thomas Pynchon (Nieuwe Vide. Haarlem, Holland), Especies de espacios (MACBA. Barcelone), Art in resistance (Spielart Festival. Múnic, Alemania), The culture of ageing (St James Cavalier. Valletta, Malta), Festival Ingràvid (Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelone), Solatge (Bòlit Centre d’art Contemporàni. Girona) and Arquitecturas de soledad (Fundación FIArt. Madrid).


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