Raul Nieves, Barcelona 1984 / Gerard Rubio, Barcelona 1984

Period of residence: September 2010 – January 2011 / March 2012 – March 2014

blablabLAB (ironic and recursive acronym of “Laboratorio adisciplinar blablablab”) is a structure of transdisciplinary collaboration.

It operates in the average citizen’s cultural reality, around the collective imaginary, in a present time and by generating prospective.

blablabLAB develops its production with a highly political purpose, trough parasitism + erosion without prejudices of different disciplines (science, technology, finance, biology, art, advertising, gastronomy…). They work without a default medium or format and with an extropianist philosophy, which combines praxis DIY and knowledge – its generation, ownership and diffusion -.

They imagine strategies and invent tools to confront society with its polyhedral and complex reality – urban, technological, alienated, and hyperconsumerist -.


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