Brisa MP

Brisa MP, Santiago de Chile 1975

Period of residency June – July 2014

Brisa Muñoz is a transdisciplinary artist. She investigates relationship between body, science, and technology. Her work in dance and performance art language tries to develop questions and research about new posibilities from gesture and human body, body-city-technology relationship, and studies new methodologies, paradigms, art forms from the use of technology. She has developed projects about dance and technology in several residencies. Such as ZéDosBois (Lisbon 2009), ETOPIA Art and Technology Centrum(Zaragoza 2013) . She has lectured at the First International Forum on Media Art, University Andrés Bello (Chile). First International Seminar Medial Arts, Master of Medial Arts, University of Chile (Chile), ISEA “19th International Symposium on Electronic Art.” At Sydney University, (Sydney. Australia), CYNETART Festival (Dresden, Germany) Metabody project. Hangar (Barcelona, Spain). In 2009 she published the book “INTERFERENCIAS”, and she has been writing in Escaner Cultural, a digital magazine. She won the SOGEDA PRIX for Electronics choreography “Ejercicios Electrocoreográficos” In Monaco Dance Forum (Montecarlo,2006). Also, she has won contests FONDART and DIRAC, both from the Chilean Government. She is director of INTERFACE International Festival of Art, body, science and technology , and FIVC, International Videodance Festival of Chile. She has a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts from Arcis University (Chile) and a Postgraduate degree in “Studies and Projects in Visual Culture” from Barcelona University (Cataluña- Spain). Also she studied Dance at Arcis University (2001-2004 Chile), attended workshops and seminaries in dance, digital medias and technology in Europe and Latin America. She has developed thesis and research for the Masters in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, Tres de Febrero National Universit, Buenos Aires (Argentina). PROTOBODY 1.0 Brisa MP develops international residency HANGAR from June to July with the support of  “Ventanilla abierta”  FONDART (National Fund for Culture and Arts, from the ChileanGovernment.The residence offers two parallel lines of research; theoretical and practical. The theorical residence it is to continue the C + T MAP project, where she has mapped dance and technology artists and works in Latin America. This time she records the Catalan and Spanish artists working process. At the practical phase, the project is researching and developing an autonomous reagent device for dialogue with the human body and produce specific gesture, recognizing the possible ranges of motion in the human-machine interaction. Explores new methodologies in the field of BT (BodyTechnology) production, from the combination of technical, scientific and artistic languages. In this context is to decipher the procedures of creation in BT that allow problematize the traditional structures of production stage work, where, as matter-body-art technology contaminate each other in the process of creating and learning; and expose the artistic research processes as exercises work. Thus, PROTOBODY 1.0 continues her previous projects, carrying out research on human- device, focused on the moving body relationship, the modulation of body from technological devices, resulting interaction generate specific gestuality organized by the crossing of organic and artificial actuators. This project is part of thesis from Master Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, she developed at the Tres de Febrero National University (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Work in progress PROTOBODY 1.0 :  * Translate: Poli del Valle



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