Carsten Galle

Production Residency

January and March 2017

Carsten Galle

Carsten Galle is a pedagogue and professor in advanced technologies, musician / sound and audiovisual artist, co-founder of the Institut FATIMA Barcelona in 2006.

In hes beginnings in 1995 he also worked as an Assistant of Direction in the Theater and the National Opera of Nuremberg. Subsequently, he had his own pop culture radio program for eight years on Radio Z in the same city.
In 2005, his path took him to Barcelona, ​​exactly to Poblenou, where he founded, together with his longtime friend and musical friend Paul Rose, the Institut FÁTIMA (Institut For Advanced Technologies In Music and Arts). Concerts and installations were held at many international festivals such as Sónar or the Transmediale in Berlin.
Since arriving in Barcelona in 2005, Carsten Galle has worked on artistic projects focusing on change and transformation in Poblenou and 22 @.
In 2008 Carsten was an artist resident in Hangar with Institut FATIMA and received, with Institut FATIMA, a grant from the City of Barcelona for his artistic project “Artist sense cables”.

Carsten Galle is an expert in the use of open source software and in making music by hacking video consoles, tools he has used both in his concerts as a musician and in his workshops for children in which he has been a teacher. One of its strong tools in these workshops is also the use of the Ipad and Smartphone to make music and work creatively and playfully. In Barcelona he has collaborated on multiple occasions with the Telenoika audiovisual group, the NIU Gallery and Hangar.
Since 2007 Carsten has worked together with various educational institutions such as Caixaforum (Madrid and Barcelona), Cosmocaixa, CCCB, Hangar (resident artist 2008), Convent Sant Agustí and the Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona, ​​highlighting the important role he has played in Different public schools in the country.

Since 2013, he has been touring in collaboration with the Goehte-Institut all over the world, organising workshops on advanced technologies applied to music and language learning, having a function somewhat similar to that of “musical ambassador” for children and adolescents abroad. To date, he has worked in more than 20 countries in cultural representation of the Goehte-Institut.

In the year 2015, Carsten begins to work on his first artistic research project on the building “Quelle”, the building of the important Bauhaus Architecto Ernst Neufert, which can be defined as the building in the largest Bauhaus style in the world. Over the course of the one-year project, Carsten formed a team of architects, comnuity makers, modern artists and urban planners and was his second Institute, the Institut der angewandten Heterotopie (Heterotopia means “Other place” in Greek “hetero” and “topos”
In November 2016 Carsten was once again a production resident in Hangar and developed, among others, an interactive machine with which children can make music without brief musical knowledge for a well-known museum.

All the songs produced on the Goethe’s world tour – with children singing their own texts and music:


Institut FATIMA:

Somiar las(s) Superilla (s) de Barcelona

The Superblock is a bold and revolutionary project. At the moment it is attracting the international attention of means like the New York Times or the Washington Post. Even in Germany, some universities have the subject of the Superilla as a research question.
Nowadays Barcelona is the focus of attention of many countries, especially of all those that look for a true sustainable transformation of the reality. It is important that this project be successful because it can mean the end of the absolute domination of cars in urban areas.

Currently the Superbilla is not accepted by all local residents. This creates the danger that the project fails and the city of Barcelona misses an important opportunity to reduce its level of environmental pollution.
An artistic project such as “Somiar la Superilla” can be a useful tool for residents who at the moment do not feel they are participating in the decisions of the City Council, feel part of their street, their neighborhood and their city.
“Somiar la Superilla” is born as an artistic experiment of a tangible urban utopia. In this utopia are the ideas and visions of people of the superman of the city of Barcelona, ​​Poblenou or any other neighborhood of the city. That is why its content grows in the direction of the participative processes of urban development, always oriented towards the dialogue in terms of sustainable social development.

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