Constanza Piña Pardo (Corazón de Robota)

Racor residency

November - Desember 2023

Constanza Piña Pardo (Corazón de Robota). Curicó, 1984

She is a Chilean visual artist, dancer and researcher, also known as Corazón de Robota. Her work is based on electronic experimentation, open hardware technologies, DIY philosophy and technofeminist social practices. Her work explores noise as a sonic, political, spiritual and cultural phenomenon.

From a pseudo-scientific perspective, Constanza develops the concept of electronic witchcraft, seeing electronics as a bridge to connect the physical world with intangible energy from multiple spectral fields. She creates analogue synthesizers, textile antennas, EMF amplifiers and experimental radios.

Since 2013, she has been researching Andean ancestral computing systems, developing the work Khipu // pre-Hispanic electrotextile computer, which received an honourable mention at the Ars Electronica Prix 2020. This research integrates speculation and Andean science fiction to defend knowledge undervalued and discredited by hegemonic sources of scientific knowledge.

She has participated in international festivals and spaces such as FILE (Brazil), C.C. Simón I Patiño (Bolivia), Speculum Artium (Slovenia), Cerocinco (Paraguay), FASE (Argentina), PIKSEL (Norway), Washington University, Oberlin Conservatory, EFA, NY (US) Perte de Signal, Eastern Bloc, Ada X (Canada), Museo de Arte moderno de Medellín, Platohedro, Plataforma Bogotá (Colombia), Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Quito, Mz14 (Ecuador), TECHNE. 11 (Uruguay), Tsonami, MAC (Chile) La Jauría (Costa Rica) La casa Tomada (El Salvador) Festival Gradiente, Cuir Poéticas (Guatemala), Centro de Cultura Digital (Mexico) Radiona (Croatia) Pixelache (Finland-Estonia), Hangar, Medialab Prado, Laboral, Sonar+D (Spain) Antropeaux (France) Art Laboratory Berlin, ZKM (Germany) Studio Loos, DAS Theatre (Netherlands) Open-Close (Poland), Frowntails (Greece), Asim’tria (Peru), Crack fest, Transist@rs (Italy) Menulab, Synth Library (Czech Republic) Iklektic (UK), Ars Electronica, Tresor (Austria), Zhejiang Art Museum. (China). Labkilllab (Taiwan) and others.

Her work is presented primarily through installations, performances and concerts, as well as collaborations, workshops and laboratories, event organisation, curatorial work and archive creation.

As a manager, Constanza is involved in the co-creation of non-institutional spaces for learning/thinking experiences based on relationships of mutual care, joy and collective pleasure.

She is the founder of the technofeminist gathering Cyborgrrrls [] in Mexico City [2017-2023] and currently teaches electronics in her project/school Non-Binary Electronic Berlin.

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