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The “Barcelona Crea – Fàbriques de Creació 2024 Grants” are an initiative of the Xarxa de Fàbriques de Creació, with the support of the Institut de Cultura, aimed at supporting the preliminary processes leading up to production that accompany the creation of artistic proposals: conceptualization, gestation, research, experimentation, documentation, and rehearsal. These grants seek to contribute to maintaining the cultural and scientific momentum of the city by providing resources for the development of research and artistic innovation processes.

Hangar aims to maintain (that is, to generate, update, review, repair, and sustain) the necessary conditions to facilitate artistic production and research, understanding them as practices and forms of critical speculation that are responsive to contemporary debates and urgencies. Hangar understands art as a practice that produces knowledge, and therefore advocates for artistic research as a legitimate mode of research, endowed with a specific form of discovery and production of knowledge.

For the first time, Hangar, as a member of the Xarxa de Fàbriques de Creació, is announcing a Barcelona Crea – Fàbriques de Creació 2024 grant to support an artist in conducting a research process within Practicable, one of the practical research threads of the center.

About Practicable
Practicable is a section that brings to the surface, materializes, or perhaps even somatizes various underlying activities of Hangar. The first is the desire to expand what is understood as research, and in particular to address research forms in which, especially radically, practice is not the applied destination of research that would take place before practice, but rather practice is the way and the condition that drives research forward. Practicable brings together processes in which practice is investigated, even at the risk of taking action without prefigurations, without a plan, and without aiming for results. In parallel, by connecting artistic practices with Hangar’s historical connection to open source, Practicable focuses on artists and methodologies that open up the code of what they do; that include this openness in their becoming so that one’s place is practicable, reproducible, and versionable by others. The various episodes of Practicable have taken various forms, from a one-time presentation to a longer and more branched working process, depending on what each proposal requires. In all cases, the assertion of the collective dimension of practice (especially that which unfolds through the body or between bodies) has occupied a central place.

Given the Practicable research thread, the call will consider artistic projects in research phases that require the context or services of Hangar for their development. The selected project will take place at Hangar during an intensive one-month residency between October and November 2024, following a schedule to be agreed upon between the selected individual and the center.

1. Objectives
— Sustain the cultural and scientific momentum of the city by providing resources to foster processes of artistic research and innovation.

— Facilitate the necessary resources for the execution of a project that activates research through practice, collaborative or group research dynamics, and open-source work methodologies.
— Contribute to the characterization of the notion of artistic knowledge.

2. Applicants
This call is open to artists and researchers of any age and nationality who are in the process of conducting an artistic research project using open methodologies, in relation to the city of Barcelona or its metropolitan area. The relationship is considered accredited when at least one of the following conditions is met:

• The object of the proposal is related to the city of Barcelona or its metropolitan area.
• The person or entity applying has their residence in the city of Barcelona or its metropolitan area.
• The person or entity applying is linked to the cultural fabric of Barcelona or its metropolitan area, as evidenced by the documentation.

3. Duration
The period of in-person activity for the grant is one month, between October 1st and November 30th, 2024, to be agreed upon between the selected individual and Hangar’s team, adjusting schedules according to the availability of workshops and common spaces. In any case, the process of dialogue and collaboration with the center will begin at least one month prior, to adequately prepare the practical deployment of the research and activate the alliances and networks of complicity required by the project.

4.1. Each individual may submit only one project for consideration in the call for proposals.

4.2. The organizers will make available to the grant recipient:

—  A gross honorarium and production budget of €6,000,
—  A one-month residency at Hangar with an individual workshop or workspace,
—  Access to shared spaces and resources,
—  Guidance, technical support, and access to tools for research development.

4.3. The proposals must be newly created:

— The proposal should be in a phase of ideation, research, prototyping, experimentation, pre-production, in other words, in a stage of artistic development prior to production.
— The proposal must not have been previously presented publicly, either by the individual or entity participating in the call or by others.
— The phases of receiving the grant (development of the artistic proposal prior to production) must not have been completed.

5. Commitments of the selected project with Hangar
— Provide an opening or presentation of the process or preliminary results of the research.
— Submit a project report and an evaluation of the residency within the month following its completion.
— The artist will grant Hangar the rights for public communication of the research for any country worldwide, for its dissemination and communication (publications, press dossier, center’s website, social media, etc.).

6. Selection Process
To apply as a candidate for this call, it is necessary to send an email to <antonio(at)> with the subject “Beca_Practicable_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME”, attaching a PDF dossier containing the following fields:

6.1. Personal Information:
— Full Name,
— Complete Address,
— Phone Number,
— Email Address,
— Date of Birth.
— Fecha de nacimiento.

6.2. Curriculum vitae.

6.3. Project Description, including:

— Project Summary (up to 2500 characters),
— Objectives (up to 1000 characters),
— Methodology (up to 2000 characters),
— Schedule and Work Plan,
— Technical Requirements and Proposal for the Use of Center Spaces,
— A maximum of 8 images of the project.

— Applications can be submitted in Catalan, Spanish, or English.
— The jury may contact the preselected artists for an interview.
— The jury reserves the right to declare the call void.

7. Selection committee
The selection committee will consist of:
— The management of Hangar.
— A member of Hangar’s Stable Jury.
— A member of Hangar’s Research and Knowledge Transfer Area.

8. Evaluation Criteria
The selection committee will evaluate the projects based on:
— The alignment of the proposal with Hangar’s Practicable research line.
— The technical feasibility of the project at Hangar.
— The relevance, significance, and interest of the project.
— The artistic trajectory or research experience.

9. Submission Deadlines and Schedule
— Deadline for submissions: until July 5th at 12:00 pm (GMT +1).
— Results of the selection process: before the end of July 2024.
— Residency period: one-month in-person residency distributed between October 1st and November 30th, 2024 (to be agreed upon with Hangar).

10. Data Protection
— In accordance with data protection regulations, it is informed that personal data will be processed by Hangar to manage participation in this call. By legal obligation, the data will not be transferred to third parties. You have the right to access, rectify, and delete the provided data, as well as to exercise other rights established in current data protection regulations.
— The submission of projects under this call implies the presumption of authorship, with the responsibility for any eventual claims arising falling on the individual who submitted the project.

11. Acceptance of the terms and the jury’s decision
Participation in this call entails the acceptance of the guidelines and the jury’s decision, as well as any subsequent alterations that may arise due to factors beyond Hangar’s control.

For further information:
Antonio Gagliano

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