Cuadrao pero Calvo

Cuadrao pero Calvo, Barcelona

Residency period: June 2016

“Cuadrao pero Calvo are an artistic duo formed by Judit Cuadros and Sandra Calvo, BA students of Arts and Design in the Massana School.

Tired of academic projects that almost always seek to address too general issues, we decided to take the incongruities that offers everyday life as a basis for developing visual narratives.

From drawing, action and reciprocity between the two, we create all sorts of situations, absurd at first sight, but with a critical intent.

We explore the limits of public and private space nourishing from any input that call our attention, joining fiction and reality. After this, we took off leaving no trace but our urine, traces of nails and body odor (some Japanese has offered us to launch a line of fragrances from our farts as university female students).

In short, we claim the joy and pleasure as engines of our projects, in order to give birth to something that is honest with ourselves.”


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