David Franklin

David Franklin, Dublin (Irlanda) 1979

Residency period: June – November 2016

David Franklin’s work combines painting, drawing, and video. It is decidedly non-verbal, exploratory, and focuses on methods of artistic communication which are mostly experiential and strive to avoid didactic concept and purpose statements. His work is based on a point between abstraction and representation and play with both ends. A large part explores the processes of decay and entropy, and the cyclical nature of the regenerative-destructive relations between earth and body. Even with the altered and deconstructed perspectives of landscapes, the human body is involved through the perspective, scale or size of the piece.

The work refers in part to the way of how we create our perception of the environments in which we live, the process of building an image from fragments of the world around us. This moment of subconscious creation, the covert gathering and interpretation of external information to build the foundations on which we build our understanding of our environment, is a starting point in the artist’s work.

So, it refers to the registration of tensions and the fidelity of the process of this record, the translation of ideas through an artistic medium and the challenge of trying to fix an idea or concept into a tangible image.

Based on the act of seeing as a creative act, and not simply a matter of perception, the viewer is intimately involved in his work. As a result it is vital that the work of art – as a primary method of communication between the artist and the viewer – has its own integrity and the viewer has an appropriate space to experiment and interact with the work, free from explanations or didactic statements and reductive. As a result, the production of a finished work, which is itself the embodiment of thematic or conceptual explorations, is a key element of artistic activity of David Franklin.



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