David Mutiloa

Hangar's Production Grant 2017

May - July 2017

David Mutiloa, Pamplona 1979

Hangar’s Production Grant 2017

Period of residence:

May – July 2017

David Mutiloa studied Industrial Design and Fine Arts between the Basque Country and Catalonia.

His work has been shown in individual exhibitions such as “The Difference Between What I Had Expected” (Garcia Gallery, Madrid, 2016), Formal Exercise (Blue Project Foundation, Barcelona, 2015), Notes on Color Catch Crowds (Centro Huarte, Navarra, 2014) o Es difícil dar con una buena lámpara (García Galería, Madrid, 2013).

Also, his work has been part of collective exhibitions picking; Generación 2016 (La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2016), Especies de Espacios (Macba, Barcelona, 2015 – collaboration with Serafín Álvarez), The Dark Side of the Party (SOS 4.8, Murcia, 2015), The World of Interiors (The Green Parrot, Barcelona, 2014), Presente indicativo (Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, 2014), BIAM 2014 (Lo Pati, Amposta, 2014), FAQ: Zona de preguntas frecuentes (Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 2013), Mutabilità. Strade del possibile (A. Marco Magnani, Sassari, Italia, 2013) o ¿Qué hay de nuevo, viejo? (Can Felipa, Barcelona, 2013).

He has been the beneficiary of prizes such as BCN Producció 2017 Sala Gran (LaCapella), Generation 2016 (MonteMadrid Foundation), Residency program 2016 (Gasworks AC / E_2016), 2015 Call (Blue Project Foundation), Singapore Scholarship 2015 (SingCat) Ayudas Artes Plásticas y Visuales 2013 (Gobierno de Navarra), Premio Marco Magnani 2013 (A. Marco Magnani) or Becas creación artística 2011-2012 (Fundació Guasch Coranty).

He has been a resident artist in different national or international centers, among them Gasworks (London, United Kingdom, 2016), GreyProjects (Singapore, 2015) or Hangar (Barcelona, 2013/2015). He currently shares a workspace in Salamina (L’Hospitalet).

The SYNTHESIS project is one of the winners of the 2nd Production Grant 2017 (Hangar). In this prtoject David Mutiloa re-examine the transformations that have occurred in recent decades within the dynamics of productive work: the digitization of its processes, the fractalization of its times and spaces, the absorption of cognitive and affective faculties … For most part of the twentieth century the workers struggled to achieve a social condition with which to escape the alienation caused by work, but this aspiration for self-realization ended up perfectly integrating within the productive chain, generating a state of constant and generalized depression. SYNTHESIS will seek to trace the genesis of this change, taking it as the turning point in which lies the origin of contemporary tragedy.

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