Diana Artus

Diana Artus, Germany

Diana Artus has a degree in German Language & Literature Studies and History at University of Leipzig. Nowadays she is studying and working in New York, Mexico City, Barcelona, Bilbao, Paris and Amsterdam. She is a visual artist dealing with the perception of urban space and its imagery as well as with topics like narration, memory production, the ambiguous nature of desire, contemporary concepts of love and self-constitution.

She is especially interested in the interdependency between city and mood and explores public representation and urban objects from an associative-metaphorical point of view. Photography provides the base of her creative process resulting in reinterpretations of urban phenomena and architectural bodies, often taking the form of sculptural image objects or images of images. In addition she also writes articles and essays to reflect on current conditions of work and creative production with a special focus on the sociology of art.

Her art works evolve from all the material which comes across her way while strolling randomly through different cities: photographs she takes, found footage, visual/textual notes. The limits of the photographic medium are constantly stretched and transcended, transforming digital photographs into unique originals characterized by an analog character and a haptic materiality.



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