Isamit Morales

Isamit Morales, Caracas – Santiago de Chile 1982.

Residency period: January – March 2016

Isamit Morales’ artistic practice is focused on the notion of identity and how this concept may be constructed, re-edited, extended and maybe disappear in relation to a colonialist perspective.
Her research has crossed different mediums such as performance, sound interventions, installations, sculptures, and, in certain occasions, workshops involving other artists, curators or musicians.
For her short residency at Hangar, Morales studies the vulnerability of content during  the production and edition of “knowledge”; her long-term project “Acta Herbarium for a Triassic Garden” now turns attention to the scientific method when visually reconstructing extinct paleoflora; through interviews and conversations with paleobotanist, paleoartists and botanics, the intention is to reconstruct primitive landscape in a series of workshops.

Since 2012, the year of her first solo exhibition (The Monster N° Patrimony, Iaspis, Stockholm), she began to work with Lucie Fontaine and Cherimus Sardegna. She took part in numerous group exhibitions, among which: Les Associations Libres (Paris, La Maison Rouge, 2012); 80 (Turin, Gum Studio, 2012); Estate (New York, Marianne Boesky, 2012); Mirror Project, a double-solo show with Franco Ariaudo (Turin, Associazione Barriera, 2014); Les sentiers battus sont pleins de fictions endormies (GAP, Château de Montmaur / Caraglio, Filatoio di Caraglio, 2014); Quienquiera que pensó en_____, dígale que está equivocado (Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas -Venezuela). In 2015 she assisted to the workshop of Lara Favaretto at the Spinola Banna per l’arte and participated for the last edition of “Artissima Art Fair” inside the exhibition Inclinations.

Isamit Morales

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