La Niña & PosTrauman

Feral writing residency

February - August 2019

La Niña i PosTrauman

La Niña -writing- and PosTrauman – CAD modeling and design, 3D printing, editorial design- are, in fact, two collective entities made up of an uncountable number of people, influences and references -phrases that have been listened to, behaviours observed in the metro, the streets, shops, bars, offices, series, their parents asking them once again if they already have a plan to get out of poverty, the paralyzing penury of work, nights in clubs, birds, advertising, videos, despair, conversations, searches for self-worth, scratches, parties, apparitions, misunderstanding and forgetfulness of desires, moves, sex, guilt, limitations, isolates, dynamics of abuse, losses, absolute contacts, trauma and Post-Trauman, indifference… of themselves and of all the people with whom they have been related; films, the bubble of our own face, the golden narcissus, video games, the hut, differentiation and alienation from the other as a source of self-worth and security, the Alt-right, nationalism, Tinder, the escalation [towards what we believe we want] towards nothingness, images, the transformation of human behaviour into a closed circle as a source of wealth, memes, fictitious works and goods, seven hours of music daily, anxiety, existing in the repetition of the same, the same, the ruled, the imposed, the absence of the free, the strange, the drifting, the possibility of the unexpected, the chosen, the prison, dogs, tense online identities, books, lynch culture capital cultural correction as transgression, immaterial corruption of left folk, the child, La Niña, texts, artificial separation between people & intrapersonas [people separated from themselves] the natural-nature as control system, the movements that liberate us from it, depression, being young but not existing in a life and an imagination of survival…-, formed, in turn, by an uncountable amount of collective entities that continually feed back into infinite networks that are part of Estaremos bien, pero no siempre, no sabemos cuándo. During the residence in Hangar an additional part will develop, formed by new networks.

All people [many will never know] who relate in any way possible at any time to Estaremos bien, pero no siempre, no sabemos cuándo they will be any different part of it than La Niña and PosTrauman, so they don’t even occupy a first or last place, but just one of them.

The wild writing residence takes place in the wooden cabin built by Pep Vidal in 2014 and located in the Hangar garden.

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