Sample of the application form for staying at Hangar’s residency

PLEASE NOTE: This form is only a sample that may help you to start to prepare your application. The eligible application form is going to be available soon and it has to be filled in online and it . 


IMPORTANT: Please take as much time as you need for filling in the form. The information provided is what the jury is going to take in consideration. Re-check your personal details before submitting the application, specially your e-mail address since that is what we are going to use for contacting you.

1. Personal details (obligatory)

Name and surname


Date of birth




2. Modality you are appliying for (obligatory. Choose just one option):

a) Only accommodation

b) Accommodation and working space

3. Documentation

– Artists statement (Obligatory. 2500 maximum characters including spaces.)

– Curriculum vitae (Obligatory. 2500 maximum characters including spaces.)

– Letter of motivation (Obligatory. 2500 maximum characters including spaces.)

– General description of the project (Obligatory. 2500 maximum characters including spaces.)

4. Dates of the residency. Please provide a second ption in case the first one is not possible. Also indicate if you have flexibility of dates (obligatory).

5. Duration of the residency (Obligatory. 2500 maximum characters including spaces. Choose just one option)

1 month

2 months

3 months

15 days (only for theoretical projects)

6. Portfolio (maximum of 6 images with its description and technical details):
The maximum weight for each image is 300 Kb. The recommended size is 1024×768 pixels with a resolution of 72ppp. The only format accepted is jpg.


Description and technical details Image1:


Description and technical details Image2:


Description and technical details Image3:


Description and technical details Image4:


Description and technical details Image5:


Description and technical details Image6:

7. URL (Only for videos) (optional)

This field is optional if you have uploaded the images of your portfolio but is obligatory if you have not done it.

Write just one URL to a video or animation (personal web, vimeo, youtube, or others). The selection committe will view 5 minutos of the video maximum.

8. URL personal website (opcional)

9. Write the security code in this image:

10. Click this botton to send and finish

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