Gabriel del Favero

Santiago de Chile, 1980

Period of residence: May – August 2012

He studied visual arts at the University Finis Terrae in Santiago de Chile and a degree un film theory at the Catolic University of Chile. Actually he lives and works in Berlin.                                                                                                                                                                            Where are we going? and what for? are questions that use to appear in the work of Gabriel del Favero. This, because his videos (his main source of production) put the speculation of the future, the science fiction and what it stopped being fiction in the center of narrative.

It uses the language of the documentary to create stories covering topics such as inheritance of the Cold War in the spatial exploration, the territory and the exhaustion of the discoveries or the architecture in extreme areas.

His last exhibitions: “Bienal de videoarte y nuevos medios“, Santiago de Chile, 2012; F.I.V.A, Festival de Videoarte A. Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011; “Strange Days, Hipercubo, Galería Animal“, Santiago de Chile, 2011; “Las posibilidades del Paisaje”, Galería Animal, Santiago de Chile, 2011; “Cóndor Station“, Salón Tudor, Santiago de Chile, 2010; “Tierras Lejanas”, Centro Cultural S.I Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 2009

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