Hannelore Van Dijck

Hannelore Van Dijck, Wuustwezel (Belgium) 1986

Period of residency: February – March 2015

In her charcoal drawings Hannelore Van Dijck devotes herself to an investigation of surfaces, paying close attention to their complexion. Her images are a collection of associative reflections on space, light and material. In silenced and straightforward compositions she explores the relationship between the part and the whole, by which the detail generates tension, intimacy and a sense of reality.

With room filling drawings she tries to create a new type of space and thereby interpret the original architecture of the site. The image takes embedded qualities of the given environment and uses them to make something new: a space within the space with its own distinct experience. In situ work collapses the borders between the viewer and the thing viewed. The viewer is pulled into the image. For Hannelore Van Dijck, charcoal is the medium that perfectly underlines and epitomizes her understanding of images. The black of the charcoal is delicate and fragile, often no more than a fleeting trace. The temporary character of the in-situ drawing brings out the most poetical qualities of the drawing material.

Hannelore Van Dijck studied Fine arts at Sint Lucas in Ghent. She already implemented in situ projects in many institutions. Examples include Sea at Croxhapox (Ghent), Le Plat Pays at Voorkamer (Lier),  Only the wind’s home at Drawing Centre (Diepenheim), Wenn sich der Nebel hebt at Galerie Zink (Berlin), Vor uns liegt ein weites Tal at L40 (Berlin).





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