October - November 2018

Formed by Antonia Manhartsberger, Connie Mendoza, Giulia Deval, Azahara Ubera, Iris Torruella, Julia Gorostidi, Rosa Llop.

Antonia Manhartsberger is based in Graz (Austria). In her artistic and scientific practice she mainly focuses on the spatialisation of sound, considering its perceptive and aesthetic facets, as well as the examination of social and political questions referring to space and their creative mediation exploiting contemporary technologies.

Connie Mendoza‘s work develops connections between their own vital rhythm (geographical, sentimental and political) and the concept of time, moving through different disciplines of multiple knowledge.

Giulia DeVal works in the field of vocal research and performing arts into the DIY scene. Her interest is mostly focused on lo-fi sounds and analog devices with the idea of sound sabotage.

Azahara Ubera is an independent researcher, dancer and choreographer that inhabits in the liminal spaces of dance, sound, pedagogy and activism with a transfeminist and posthumanistic approach to the body inside and outside of institutions.

Iris Torruella Segura is a mixed media artist that works with education mostly focusing on technology and its impact on subjectivities, starting from a political and social view. She is especially interested in collaborative work.

Julia Gorostidi works in the fields of video, performance and installation in which she develops long and short term projects that examine the role of subjectivity in the construction and representation of the Self and that explore the questions of Identity as being a product of our social structures and relations.

Rosa Llop’s professional and artistic practice responds to the need to question the constructs that pre-define the role of designers in a post-digital society. Rosa uses research as a strategy to observe contemporaneity, paying special attention to the automation of creative processes, and the politics of representation. Her formal language seeks minimal action and she is interested in silence, emptiness and the invisible as acts of signification.

Mafe Moscoso. Transdisciplinary researcher and teacher (BAU and UOC). As an active observer, researcher and writer, her work focuses on the exploration of languages that bring ethnography, writing and art into play. Among its lines of interest is colonialism, scientific method and magic and trans-migrations.

About Iterations

Iterations is a European project committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digital networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and professionals come together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible forms of artistic collaboration. Through a series of practical residencies and discursive exhibitions, Iterations offers situations in which artists collectively experience new forms of artistic work that generate spaces for collectivity and collaboration.

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