Joan Bennassar Cerdà

Joan Bennassar Cerdà, Palma de Mallorca 1991

Period of residency: February

Joan Bennassar Cerdà and his artist’s work comes from an interest in the mechanisms of representation in the architecture and urbanism, and the effectiveness of these spaces to produce ideological legitimation in contemporary societies.

His work, either through filmic sequences, models, photographs, publications or other devices, is a way to generate different readings of progress and multiculturalism. The projects are constructed in a multidisciplinary way, using strategies of artistic production, fieldwork, mediation and intervention in context.

He has presented his work in centers and galleries such as Fabra i Coats Centre d’Art Contemporani (Futurs abandonats, demà ja era la qüestió, 2014); zona intrusa 8, Mataró; auditori MACBA (Futuro memories); Es Baluard, Museu d’art contemporani de Palma (Futuro performance i Tabula Rasa 2014); MUU Gallery Helsinki (Tabula rasa, 2014); Hilvaria studios, Tildburg, Holanda (Tabula rasa, 2014); Galerie RDV Nantes, Francia (Paradís Artificial, 2014); La Capella (Triple mortal, 2014); Hangar (PictoBcn, 2013); Maserre (Balcan dream, 2013); Galería Trama, (Premi ART<30 amb el projecte Permanent vacation, 2013); UNIBO, Bologna (Leggere Pasolini, 2013); Halfhouse (Collapsed House, 2013).

He recently received a grant from Sala d’art Jove in Creation and Research modalities in collaboration with MACBA, grant Can Felipa Visual arts 2015 and Grant for creation Guasch Coranty 2015.


futuro camió ploma

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