Joan Morey

Mallorca, 1972

Period of residence: July 2005 – July 2007

Morey has created the ‘STP|Soy Tu Puta’ trademark in 1997 as the gear for his artwork. This way, he converts the creative fact in something instrumentalized, with the purpose of making visible the submission of every work of art to many power structures. By working under a brand-name, Morey can explore different mechanisms and languages. The interaction between them (specially the contamination between creative fields as Fashion and Arts) configure the different layers of his artworks.

He creates an artistic project found under multiple formats (among which images fixed and in movement, performance and other audiovisual communication media stand out) through which he can investigate hypertextual strategies as appropriation, unmaking, ready-made or referential collage. A series of formal and conceptual elements that constructs a personal discourse that distort the unequivocal character of the identity.

From the reciprocal contents of his project rise apathy, tear, perversion, obedience, tedium, fear, nonconformity, deception, crimped as links in a chain of an ideological positioning inherent to the micro-politics scenery.

This way, his working methodology is based on many investigation and reflection exercises about the subordinated situation of the creator to multiple structures (linked to economy, institution or politics) imposed from the Art environment or from the cultural machinery.

The use of meta-referential assemblages enables him to create a large number of codes, situations and styles which broaden the scope of his projects by interaction with a different viewer. This way, the multiple formal resolutions and the strategies for production, drive the imagery and the projection of his works to the confrontation between Art and Fashion, Economy, Philosophy, Politics, Cinema or Music and, in short, Social and Cultural.

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