Juan Duque

Juan Duque, Medellin (Colombia) 1974

Periode of residency: September 2014

Juan Duque is based in Gent – Belgium since 2005. He’s member of the Flemish institute for visual, audio-visual and media art.

His personal situation of cultural and geographical displacement has become the departing point of his work. This constant movement conveys re-positioning into provisional locations where the space I’m temporarily staying in, is constantly being conquered, occupied, activated and left behind. With his personal dis-location, he also wonder how it can be possible to bring distant memories and experiences near and make them grounded in the place he’s transitorily occupying.

How to create under conditions of immediacy and mobility?

Rejecting any refined or finite product, his installations are temporary constructs. They occupy lower areas between the wall and the floor, hang in the space or exceptionally are attached to walls. He tends not to use frames or hard supports for the images he produces. In this way he wants to question the notion of horizon and point of view linked to a specific location.

Every creation responds to an overlap of images of other previous experienced places plus the specificities of a particular working place.

He’s interested in working with different media creating an arrangement of images, video and objects. Some of these are vehicles that carry specific information that he recycles and re-integrate into future installations.

At the end all will be dismantled.



Juan Duque

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