Juan Perdiguero

Madrid, 1963

Period of residence: June – August 2004

Juan Peridguero’s artwork is made from a mixed media (etching inks, asphalt and linseed oil) over photographic emulsion, where the chiaroscuro plays a main role and where the colour acts as a secondary element, by granting an ambiguous pictorial sense to the artwork. In his works, he’s specially looking for the simplicity and the balance. So, in his images he manipulates the limits between techniques as a way of attracting, seducing and confronting the viewer. The emotional impact of his images communicates a deep and very personal psychological reality of the time he lives in.

His artworks are deeply rooted in the figuration of Spanish baroque school’s tradition. He is constantly pushing the conceptual sources of this tradition and its historical influences on art. At the same time, he tries to expand the static notions of painting and drawing, to merge them with photography. As a result of all this, his images are apparently classic, but strongly contemporary in the way they are conceptualized and constructed.

Juan José has shown his creative work in many national and international galleries, including Galeria Metropolitana, Galeria Artificial, Marcia Wood Gallery, Ann Nathan gallery, Exit Art, The Artist Network, The Burchfield-Penney Art Center and The Albright-Knox Gallery.



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