Julia Rivera

Julia Rivera

Period of residency: 2003 – 2004

Julia Rivera studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. She has worked in public space with an evolution of both the research process of their work as well as their own personal development. Throughout her career has developed different directions until her work revolved around the relationship between the individual and his architectural and urban context. His intention is to use public space as a laboratory where you can experience through actions or ephemeral interventions using ethereal elements.

The development of this interest is reflected in a job that has evolved linearly since 2003 and she has been built up in nine projects: Yli on the block (2002-2003), Joana Cubes (2003-2004) Siding Spring (2004), Shall we..dance ?, Barcelona, Cadiz and Caracas (2005-2008), Au Bonheur des Dames (2007), Non-City Css (2008) and Documentation Work-in-progress, ( 2003-2008). The work therefore should be viewed from a comprehensive and totalizing vision where each project is supported by the previous to advance and evolve to the next.

The progression of the work starts from a first interventions that relate to the space, understood as an abstract entity that everyone perceives and whatever structure built on a cognitive level.




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