Exchange grant Baden Württemberg - Catalunya

September - October 2020

Seulbi Kim. Seoul, 1986 
Christian Tenefrancia Illi. Stuttgart, 1987

KIM/ILLI is a multidisciplinary collaboration formed in 2020 as a ‘virtual’ platform and institutional mockup between Seoul and Stuttgart that aims to merge individual backgrounds of various working methodologies “in and outside” the realms of (im)materiality: visuality, sound, and space — focusing on research, finding intersections, sharing and expanding knowledge, expertise, and networks in the global context, and discursive activities within local communities. The collective believes in the antithetical possibilities of collaborative work, which accelerates a creative process, strengthens conceptual approaches to actual culture production that ties our perception of relationships.

Seulbi Kim is mainly working with the ambiguity of space — the enclosure and continuum in the phenomenology of space, and gained knowledge and profound experience in scenography, working within museum and gallery settings in Europe, Middle East, and East Asia. She received her Master of Design from The Glasgow School of Art (2017) and investigates the physical confirmation of space: the embodiment and dissolution of sound & space, questioning a social obsession with the visual. Within her work, the sensual experience of space and time becomes utterly fragile, and the (non)physical establishes through empirical investigations, generating innumerable and multifarious interpretations diverting from the initial creation of spatial arrangements.

Christian Illi is an interdisciplinary working artist whose works emerge from a conceptual approach engaging with the contemporary environment and the aftermath, impact, and implications of colonialism and globalization; making use of text, image, and sound fragments as modules that eventually manifest and transform into time-based compositions. Utilizing research and (self-)criticality as mechanisms to reflect, decrypt, and navigate through the increasingly ambivalent and complex structures of daily climate, and contest our perception — the notion and (de-) construction of history and identity. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Diploma 2018) and received scholarships from the University of Edinburgh: College of Art (2013) and the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe (2015-2016). He studied philosophy and musicology at the University of Stuttgart (2009) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (2010), exhibited and performed with his ensembles and various alter egos throughout Europe, East, and Southeast Asia.


Excerpt from Paratext #48

Hangar studio visit

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