Kai Krämer

Baden Württemberg – Catalunya exchange grant

October - September 2023

Kai Krämer. Munich, 1997

Kai currently live and work in Stuttgart where they are studying at the M.F.A Body, Theory and Poetics of the Performative. Their practice revolves around writing and movement. Working with the corporalities and technologies of the everyday, they cultivate an aesthetic practice that can be response-able to planetary exploitation and its hetero-patriarchal and colonial dynamics.

Understanding the body as a political knot: writing, reading, experiencing, they build the expanded cyborgian body. Alongside a constant writing practice, they create performative scores to impulse encounters, play and bodily memory. Collect and carry on. Listening. Intervening with your rhythms.

Learning with the body — its intimacy, its failure, its beauty, its dreaming & dancing — they try to develop language(s) that are resistant but empathetic; alive and palpable to the tensions of the situation. They use methods of theory, (auto)fiction or performance, but do not subscribe to specific disciplinary lines.

Their work takes place in magazines and zines, playshops, performances, music and radio. They also co-edit Matratze Magazin, a magazine for photography and text work.


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