Kaja Szechowsko

Kaja Szechowsko, Poland

Residency: September – November 2013

Kaja Szechowsko, was born when there was a full moon, grown up walking on the roofs and untwisting screws in the bus number 72, by which she was going  to primary school. She was studying in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz (Poland) and y Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania, Italy. In Sicily she left her heart and she’s sure to turn there one day.
She has a passion for toys and tools. Most of all adores to dismantle everything and she has already tried an electric shock few times. She cannot pass indifferently by the objects found on the streets. And she believes strongly that streets are full of presents and it can be found everything there. In her life she’s interested with coincidences and chances and in art she’s interested in simple machines, which can create fabulous situations. She is inspired by signs and dreams, she sleeping with her head in north direction as it’s the way to find the better dreams. In 2012 she was appreciated by Grey House Foundation winning the Grand Prix in the contest “for the most intriguing youth personality” (Krakow, Poland). In 2011 she was awarded in the XXVIII Contest of Wl. Strzeminski interalia by Museum of Contemporany Art in Lodz and tby the President of the City of Lodz (Poland).
During her residency in Hangar, she’s picking up the clouds of candy, but still doesn’t know how that story will end…




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