Laia Estruch

Production Residency

June - July 2016

Laia Estruch, Barcelona 1981

Laia Estruch lives and works in Barcelona. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona and has taken part of her studies at The Cooper Union University in New York in 2010.

Her practice is within the framework of the performance from where she works with the voice as a main raw material, structuring element, device, and space of experimentation of her artistic proposals. Her projects articulate strategies to make audible, through the voice, textual contents or graphics from diverse files, to create new ones, from the composition of scores and the sound recording that is generated at the time of oralizing them

Among her selected projects are: Serendipity, Arts visuals 2011 (Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Jingle (Espai Cub, BCN Producció 2011, La Capella), En lloc d’actuar fabulo, projecte deslocalitzat, presented at the  Villarroel Theatre (BCN Producció 2012), Moat, Artistas en Residencia 2017 (La Casa Encendida and the CA2M).

She has presented her projects, among other places, in the MACBA, Rita McBride’s Blind Dates (Barcelona, 2012), Fabra i Coats, This is Not an Art Show, Either (Barcelona, 2012-13), Demolden Video Project (Santander, 2013), JuneFirst gallery (Berlín, 2014) Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Interval, Accions sonores (Barcelona 2014-15), Galeria Sis, /fu:d/ (Sabadell 2015), Centro Parraga, Disfonías, (Murcia, 2016), Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona, 2016), Arts Santa Mònica, Segueixi els rastres com si fós miop, Art Jove 2006-2016 (Barcelona, 2016), Antic Teatre, Moat (2016).

She has participated in the Escoles Magnet program, within the educational project of MACBA, at the Josep Maria de Segarra School and the Moisés Broggi Institute of Barcelona (2015).
She has held Workshops for teachers and for the general public, within the MACBA educational program (2016). Currently participating in the 8th edition of the program Creadors En Residència in the institutes of Barcelona with the institute Juan Manuel Zafra de Barcelona (2017).

Her work is present in private and public collections, such as the collection of Banco Sabadell, the collection of the Centre d’Art Fundació Palau de Caldes d’Estrac and the Patrim collection of the Universitat de Belles Arts de Barcelona.


The Moat project is an experimental stage practice. Simultaneously and as an open work, starts a study on the voice and the body in the architectures of the game. This piece is born from the need to open new lines of research related to the movement of the body in relation to the voice and the word to explore and force their behaviors in the architectures of the playgrounds of the early twentieth century.

Moat is part of the performance, in which she usually works with the voice as as a main raw material, structuring element, device and space of experimentation. But in this project I want to go a step further by questioning the system of signs of oral language. For this, the emotional possibilities of the a capella voice and of the body without theatricality will be analyzed, opening a space for reflection around the performative character of the sound record and the oral file.

For Moat’s performance, I use an iron structure (created from the recovery of different elements and typological forms of playgrounds from the beginning of the last century) that functions as a scene, score, instrument and archive. Through a direct relationship between body and structure Moat pursues to experiment, to fix dreams and routes generated by body and is taking as reference the corporal and acoustic behaviors of these recreational spaces.

Moat becomes a transverse space by performing a series of performances, the sound record of which gives rise to an audible investigation, within the structure of passable iron.

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