Layla Juma

Layla Juma, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) 1977

Layla Juma is an Emirati interdisciplinary artist who uses geometric shapes, circular and elliptical shapes designs in this case, to convey ideas of form and sequence in the strike, rhythmic works of art. Repeat use of circles conjures up images of fertility and health.

She currently lives in Sharjah, member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society and she graduated in architectural engineering. She belongs to the third generation of artists from the UAE and her inspiration derives from UAE prolific artists as Hassan Sharif and Mohammed Kazem, who were the first to take a more conceptual approach to art-making. The issues raised in her work are reminiscent of Sharif’s interest in combining design, performance, movement, and construction work, as well as examining Kazem natural processes and social identity. She examines daily lines and shapes, often makes dissections into pieces and reassembled them.

She has exhibit her collection in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Egipto, Japón y Suiza.


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