Lieselotte Fontrodona

Lieselotte Fontrodona, Amsterdam 1976

Period of residence: April 2016

“The essence of all that exists is ‘Nothing’. Then he came ‘the Power’ as electricity. The human being is sensitive, as an antenna to capture ‘that Electricity’. The human being is capable of transforming ‘the Power’ in the field, such as words, ideas, movement…Everything is materialized is identified and identifiable.

In principle, all that exists is subjective and objective at the same time. What exists is energy, space and place limited in different shapes and weights. As a human being, I channel that energy, which materialized in the form of art. I hope give my art to others, because I think that‘s what I need to and do in my life. My antenna focuses the connections and relationships between subjects, to identify what you want or must be identified.”

Lieselotte works since 2011 in its space Fontrodona Artspace in Amsterdam.


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