Luca Serafino

Exchange grant Hangar - L'Asilo

June 2018

Luca Serafino. Naples, 1989

Luca Serafino was born in Napoli, 16th October 1989. In 2007 he obtained a diploma at the Artistic High School in Napoli. In march 2014 he graduated at the Seconda Università di Napoli in Architecture, his graduate thesis concerns the urban regeneration through resilience principles. From 2010 to 2011, thanks to Erasmus European Project, he had spent one year in Istanbul; this experience has deeply influenced his aesthetic and his view of world. From 2013 to 2017, Luca had joined an experimental theater company, based in Napoli, “Asylum Anteatro ai Vergini”. He began to work as illustrator/graphic designer and set designer, before in theatrical plays, later for cinema, videoclips and commercials. From 2014, he has joined the Assembley of L’Asilo, an autonomous community of artists and workers in arts and entertainement fields, especially in the Armeria (Fine Arts Group). There, he has dealt with communications, planning for exhibitions, events, shows, building self-productions means for arts and crafts.

Serafino is especially interested in the collective arts projects, where different artists influence each others, not just to achieve results but, above all, to observe and analyse the process. He likes investigating practices that can create a virtuose way to make art and life in community. Extremely fascinated by simulacrum images such as masks, puppets, dummies , ancient depictions of human body, he believes that the observer can interpret the work freely following his own emotions, feelings and background. His work uses different media such as drawing, found objects/images, installation or prints. The use of poor materials, the use of technology in “unconventional” ways are constants in the development of his work. Luca deals with different fields as: architecture, design, set design, graphic design, illustrations, paintings, sculptures… always trying to mixing and influencing all these things together, creating a personal language to interpret the world around us. Infact he devises himself as an incursor.


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