Marc Serra Roca

Marc Serra Roca, Barcelona (1977)

Period of residence: May 2014 – May 2016

In our attempt to understand the concept of «culture» and its limits in this era of cultural production, we endow the work of art with a clarifying responsibility.

Marc Serra‘s work sways on that slippery field representative of a culture generated by —instead of for— the masses where the mirage-like work of art seems a reflection of a place rich in social experimentations and preserved from the uniformity of behaviours. But a mirage is nothing but a mirage.

Considering a fact or proposing an ad hoc hypothesis as a starting point, his work puts forward an amplified reality, which tries to represent a fact parallel to one we know or accept. Thus, he translate to the exhibition space inputs from the popular culture, usually filtered through absurd or a seemingly senselessness. His projects —where he re-enacts a presumptively improbable encounter between entertainment culture and a culture of a reflective nature— aim at provoking questions that force us to precisely rethink the meaning of culture.

Grants, scholarships, residencies, exhibitions:
Sócrates scholarship at Westminster University, London UK, 2002-03; selected at Injuve 2005; spanish Photography Contest with Work in progress; solo exhibition Happy People, January 2008-February 2009, H2O Gallery Barcelona; residency at Hangar Centre for research and production, Barcelona, May-July 2009; showing Fan video, September 2009, H2O Gallery, Barcelona; Barcelona Producció 2010. I.C.U.B. grant with Inexplicable Odeur project; showing he’s making Bart video, BYOB, October 2011, Metroom, Barcelona; Aurora Borealis Screen Saver (screen saver for sharing) 2012; selected at PhotoEspaña PHE, Madrid, 2014; residence, March 2014, at Lo Pati, Centre d’Art de les Terres de l’Ebre, with the landscape photography project Fora de Camp.


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marc serra

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