Giuliana Racco/Matteo Guidi

Giuliana Racco, Canada, 1976/Matteo Guidi, Italy, 1978

Period of residency:

Short period: January – February 2014

Long period: April 2014 – April 2016

Giuliana Racco and Matteo Guidi work with a variety of media, including drawing, video, installation, photography and books. They operate on the intersection between art and anthropology, investigating complex contexts of more or less closed structures, such as high security prisons and factories. For many years, their practice has hinged on how individuals or groups of individuals manage their own daily movement through strongly defined systems which tend to objectify them, at times inducing forms of self-restraint.Most recently, Giuliana’s concern with narration, desire and movement (including that of workers, migrants and illegal refugees) and Matteo’s investigations into highly imaginative practices in closed spaces of control (such as cooking and photography in prisons) converged within the context of refugee camps in the West Bank.

Currently in long-term residency at Hangar, they are constructing a new umbrella project dealing with the overcoming of constraints – both those imposed and those, consequently, self-imposed – driven by desire and creativity.Reflecting on unpredictable methods of daily resistance sparked by a combination of simplicity and ingenuity, they focus on contexts that are considered marginal or exceptional but, in reality, anticipate more common scenarios.


foto Mateo

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