Mayte Tojim

Mayte Tojim, Mexico 1975

Period of residency: September – November 2014

Mayte Tojim received her Bachelor of Visual Arts at L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Lyon, France and the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving at “La Esmeralda”, in Mexico City. Previously her training comes from the graphic arts and publishing design.

She has a deep interest in health, explores the relationship between family experience and mythical thinking that surrounds it to a current recovery and expansion of the practice of healing, based on the legacy of her grandmother, from an ancient culture based in shamanic healing acts and practices, and how the practice and dreams are mixed in the physical experience of objects with which it works and the perception of their environment. The great interest for health, body and service to others, have led her to study the diseased body, bounded from western medical practice, in order also to link this activity to his artistic production and generate a potential in the healing function.

It is important: the body as a carrier of meaning and as a parameter of perception and meaning within a social and political context; what you saw; individuality built passing through a set of cultural meanings expressed in the image and the hegemony of social groups over others What both consumption expressed in banal fashion is a construction of identity, not a search for what remains between what you saw and the body -; spatial boundaries, social edges, spaces of resistance, fragmentation and cultural reconstitution; contemporary mestizaje as a phenomenon that occurs in different directions and senses; migrations franking thresholds before a biological reality is extensive intensive field; activation which results in travel and interaction networks and internet use.

She currently heads a space (department Q3) for artistic production, and the discussion of various issues related to the configurations of contemporary thought and art, in order to generate knowledge and consultation material, contributing to the creation of awareness critical, autonomous and proactive.




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