Akron a Mireia C. Saladrigues project will be extended until March 25

AKRON, a project by Mireia c. Saladrigues in Espai Guinovart, Agramunt that was suposed to be finished on the 13th of February, has been postponed until  Sunday 25th of March. For this date a finissage will be organized with the projection of censored material. Soon you will receive more information about it.

AKRON, the latest project in the Impossibilitats program, is conceived as an exercise and an intervention that fits the theme of “impossibilities” perfectly, and, from the outset, poses a challenge that we don’t know whether we will be able to achieve. On one hand, the project aims to recover and restore to working order an old film projector dating back over a hundred years, which, instead of using a xenon lamp like today’s projectors, used carbon rods to emit the beam of light. Moreover, in its last screening, it will betray itself by projecting material that was never screened at the sessions of the time because this machine, which is now part of the Agramunt Municipal Museum of Ethnology, originally belonged to the Roman Catholic association Acciò Católica.

Until now the projector could be restored and worked perfectly, as you can see   in the attached video.

Impossibilitats, supervivències extremes en art proposes different events that measure and make visible some purposes and some events in which the protagonists of trial and error, in most cases, a major presence at work in art.

Vicenç Armaches, Marc Betriu, Álex Brahim, Josep Bonjoch, Uwe Bruck, Ángel Caro Andújar, Manel Gómez, Vicenç Loscos, Joan Llenas, Jorge Luís Marzo, Miquel Ribera, M. Llorenç Utgés, Ajuntament d’Agramunt, Filmoteca de Catalunya (Rosa Cardona/Rosa Saz), Hangar, Fundació Josep M. Queraltó, Museu Etnològic Municipal d’Agramunt.

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