DEATHLAB 1: Epistemagics + accelerationisms

Next Thursday, March 14 at 8:30 pm Hangar wetlab invites a dinner to talk and celebrate the first Deathlab, a sporadic and ephemeral laboratory that occupies this biolab to explore ideas about dying. On this occasion, the meeting will bring together two communities of different natures that inhabit the center in different ways: the Epistemagics working group and the people who work around accelerationist theories.

The meeting, facilitated by food and a simple dynamic of proposing themes, aims to approach from an attitude of affirmative coexistence the dialogue about the future until the death of the human community -and perhaps, not only human-. Both groups, from different perspectives and at different levels, share research and discussion topics: the micro and macro policies, the relationship with nature and technology, the concept of development, knowledge, spectrum… Does it have negotiating and synergistic potential this conversation or not? Is it possible to sketch some kind of common agreements or strategies?

As Hangar will provide the food for this dinner -which will be vegan- it is necessary that you write to belen(at) before Monday, March 11 so that we can count on you. You can bring the snacks or drinks you want.

Epistemagics is a group of research and action that works the generation of knowledge through magical processes from a decolonial perspective.

The accelerationism is a political and social theoretical proposal that starts from referents such as Karl Marx, Deleuze and Guattari and that in recent years has been driven by works such as the Manifesto for an accelerationist policy of Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams or the manifesto Xenofeminism: a policy for the alienation of the collective Laboria Cuboniks.

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