“Hecomi Study #30” Exposition by Ken’ichiro Taniguchi at N2 Gallery

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Ken’ichiro Taniguchi‘s work is focused on the cracks and gaps on the streets and walls of cities and buildings. Scars of the city apparently forgotten. The work of this Japanese artist tries to reincarnate these peeled spots giving them a new meaning and turning it into art.

To achieve it Ken’Ichiro traces the contour of the cracks, caused by daily use and the passage of time, in a transparent film. After he draws it in original size in a plastic sheet and cut it out. The next step is to make a series of cuts dividing the piece into several parts and then, fold it with a system of tiny hinges. In this way he recover the “slabs”, maintaining the original design of them and giving them his vision as Hecomi – scars in Japanese -. He relates man to the city, conceptual basis of his work in every imaginable possibility. His works, usually made in small format, can reach enormous size as some of its permanent works in public institutions and museums.

This time Ken’Ichiro Taniguchi has been working on an exhibition where we will only show “hecomis” of the city of Barcelona, creating the “Barcelona Hecomi Map”. In this exhibition you will see the interpretations that the artist collected after a one-month residency at Hangar Barcelona (Centre d’Arts Producció Visuals and Research). All types, or almost all, of tile floor that make our city will be shown. With this his work acquires another meaning, which is the memory of the designs that have been used since long ago. This study includes the areas where some designs converge with others, merging them into a single work where you can see the progression of the design that somehow surrounds the daily life of citizens.

This exhibition is made in collaboration with the Asahi Shimbun Foundation and Nomura Foundation of Japan.

Where: N2 Galería


Mon-Fri from 11am to 14pm & from 5pm to 8:30pm

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