DIY Virtual Reality Jam

Be Another Lab, one of our projects in residence, is organising this workshop  the 27, 28 and the 29 of january 2017.  A cross disciplinary 36 hour workshop / jam to hack virtual reality and immersive media for art, performance and critical practice. A cross disciplinary workshop to reclaim our realities. A cross disciplinary workshop to reclaim our realities. 

This activity is aimed to artists, makers, hackers, coders, to come & play with the language of VR, taking it to places it won’t go by itself.

No technical/specific skills needed. Creativity and collaboration should do the job much better than any software!

Presented by BeAnotherLab, Outliers Collective, Fabbula and Hangar.

Registration and updates:

Location : Hangar

Price: FREE (reserve your place)

Places like: Immersive Theater // Embodied Narratives // Humans & non-humans empathetic entanglements // Neo-sorcery // Queer // Mixed Realities // Temporary Autonomous VR Zone // Sympoetic worlding // Glitched worlds // Bend space times // Spaces From Motion // Higher states of consciousness // Speculative fabulations // Artistic synaesthesia // Gesamtkunstwerk // Immersive Data  // Open source Narratives // Poetic coding // Hyperlinked metaverse // Umwelts of invertebrae and octopuses.

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