Lucia C. Pino at Jornadas Mutantes



Jornadas Mutantes is a collective and self-managed proposal that present three days of meetings in a liberated space from institutional adjustment or vertical interventions. Through different tools and from a common critical position they propose workshops, lectures, documentaries, self-publishing sample, performance, installations and concerts.

Lucia C. Pino has been invited to take part in Jornadas Mutantes and she will do something related to the architectural complex in a particular location within CSO Lokomotiva.

Lucia says: Prowling around two ideas, the first is “Dirt is not dirt, but only matter in the wrong place”, variations of this quote have been attributed to William James, Sigmund Freud, Mary Douglas and John Ruskin or Lord Palmerston said that in 1883 after airing a starched shirt on a gooseberry bush. I join the list of marauders of this idea, willing that one day someone also will attribute it to me, even by mistake.

The second one is something I discovered by chance; the brazilian artist Adriana Varejao has been working with its own range of colors named POLVO, (a serie of tubes with names related to different skin tones).

They work in a different way and with different intention, but the name of two of her tubes (from thirty-three different) helps Lucía to find the titte of the installation. Or the subtitle, wich is:


Moreno Big Black Dude Parda Morena a Brown Mix


Dates: November 28-29

Where:  CSO La Lokomotiva – Carrer Glòria, 15

<M> Santa Eulàlia

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