Marla Jacarilla’s opening at la Capella Acotaciones tras la cuarta pared


Acotaciones tras la cuarta pared (Theatre Direction Behind the Fourth Wall), by Marla Jacarilla, is one of the projects selected for a solo exhibition in the Espai Cub at La Capella within the framework of BCN Producció 2013.

Marla Jacarilla (Alcoy, Alicante, 1980) holds a BA in Fine Arts. She develops her work by means of various techniques such as writing, performance, short films and video installations, using them as a testing ground for creating stories. She constantly seeks out links between visual art, new technologies and literature, to develop a fragmented narrative, sprinkled with fiction, which the viewer is invited to reconstruct.

Acotaciones tras la cuarta pared is a four-act play whose tone swings back and forth between the tragic, the comical, the farcical and the metalinguistic. A story in which a supposed demiurge engages in conversation with pre-existing characters, who belong to other plays but are moved to the present time.

The proposal turns Espai Cub into an installation in which light, video and software programming produce a theatrical device through which the spectator will move to attend talks on issues somewhat linked to the situation we are currently experiencing. In turn, the project proposes a reflection upon the autonomy of the literary characters and the possible absence of the actor in their performance.

Divendres, 17 Maig, 2013 a Diumenge, 23 Juny, 2013
Espai Cub

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