Paratext nº10 with Lieselotte Fontrodona, and Cadine Navarro


Paratext hides a monthly schedule of presentations by artists in residency in Hangar, always on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Several artists present in various formats specific projects or parts of their works. The meetings are always opened to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next session will take place on Wednesday, may 4 at 7.30 pm in Hangar at Ricson space.

The artists will present their work:

Cadine Navarro

French-American, born and raised in Japan, and having spent her adult life living in over 55 homes inspires much of Cadine Navarro’s work as an artist, curator and teacher.

This multi-national background, coined as “TCK” or “Third Culture Kid”, gifts Cadine an understanding of language as a place to reside and border as a continuous process of being. The grammatical structures and layout of these arbitrary and invented lands continually morph through such things as dialects, idioms, expressions, accents, word structures, onomatopoeias, etc. Her archive of collected sound bites provides rhyme and rhythm to her sound and image-based work.

Currently a candidate laureate of the HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Ghent, Cadine is also a teacher of Art and Communication at the Celsa Sorbonne Paris and Neoma Business School in Rouen, France. She holds an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths in London and a BFA in Visual Arts from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions include Art Brussels, SHED Art Space, Notre-Dame-de-Bonneville and Gallery MAM, Rouen.

Lieselotte Fontrodona

The essence of all that exists is ‘Nothing’. Then he came ‘the Power’ as electricity. Thel human being is sensitive, as an antenna to capture ‘that electricity’. The human being is capable of transforming ‘the Power’ in the field, such as words, ideas, movement … Everything is materialized is identified and identifiable.

In principle, all that exists is subjective and objective at the same time. What exists is energy, space and place limited in different shapes and weights. As a human being, I channel that energy, which materialized in the form of arte I hope give my art to others, because I think that‘s what I need to and do in my life. My antenna focuses the connections and relationships between subjects, to identify what you want or must be identified.

Lieselotte works since 2011 in its space Fontrodona Artspace in Amsterdam, she is Present in the end the year at the Gerrit Rietveld AcademieFine Arts Amsterdam.









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