PARATEXT nº3 with Luis Guerra, Mario Santamaría, Bea Stach and Kaspar Wimberley/Susanne Kudielka


This name, Paratext, hides a monthly presentations by Hangar resident artists, always on Wednesday, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Several artists present specific projects or parts of their work. The meetings are always open to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next Paratext session will take place on Wednesday May 13th, 19h, at Hangar. Luis Guerra, Mario Santamaria, Bea Stach and Kaspar Wimberley/Susanne Kudielka will be presenting their projects. All of them have been residents in the framework of the 2015 exchange scholarship for artistic projects between Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Luis Guerra

His artistic practice has been constantly fueled and informed by a series of reflections concerning the very conditions and meanings of art making. He conceives his practice as an ongoing process in which the creative event and the ephemeral instant of its manifestation, sometimes, are more important than the possible trace, as documentation. As such, some of his realizations may have not been documented or may just exist under the forms of a subtle memory, a tale, or a narrative. He is interested in creating small instants of intensive engagement, or as He calls them: force-forms that shape the world at the level of the everyday. For this reason, one of the forms He likes to adopt in his work is those of seminaries, or conferences, that are expression of a shared common knowledge, performance, and art action.

Mario Santamaría

His artistic practice is based to study the phenomenon of the contemporary observer, paying attention to two processes, the representational practices and the machines vision or mediation. Using different tactics such as appropiation, remake or assembly, his work involves different fields like the conflict, the memory, the virtuality or the surveillance.

Bea Stach

In the fields of visual art and communication design, Bea Stach works interdisciplinary with a conceptual approach.
Starting points for her artistic practice often are sets of self-generated or collected data which can be language, text, images, sound, objects etc. The subject matter of the data can be anything such as scientific observations or phenomenons of our planet we tend to forget in our every day lives.

Kaspar Wimberley/SusanneKudielka

Some parts of our private lives have become more private, others more public, with similar diversions taking place in public spaces. ‘Social networking’ has gone hand in hand with higher hedges and the proliferation of security cameras. This social context redefines the notion of security, and the way in which security is experienced, promoted or politicised. Our human desire for a perceived sense of safety and security has spawned huge industries and powerful lobbies, while politicians have harnessed this condition to construct a form of political stability, induce fear and divide society into minorities and majorities.

May 13th 2015, 7:00pm, at Hangar.

Free access.

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