Results of the Seveth Artistic Research Grant Fundació Banc Sabadell – Hangar

The jury composed of Alexandra Laudo (Programmes Committee), Txuma Sánchez (CAiRE), Antonio Gagliano (Hangar Research Area) and Miquel Molins (Fundació Banc Sabadell), has decided, from among the 62 applications received, to award the 7th Fundació Banc Sabadell-Hangar Artistic Research Grant to:

Ona Bros for the project Betablastocuir

and to recognize as finalists the projects Non player character by Serafín Álvarez, Manual by Jaume Ferrete, Mmonstruo by Ariadna Guiteras, S/t by Andrea Valdés, Light mirroring by Pep Vidal and Escuelas de canto by Marc Vives.

BetaBlastoCuir addresses assisted reproduction technologies, often celebrated as guarantors of access to reproductive rights (LGTBIQA+, women over forty), as part of a change in the human reproductive paradigm that is being responded to mainly by private initiative: assisted reproduction clinics inscribed in the logics of global biomarkets. The discourse on genetic inheritance is one of the backbones of these bioeconomies, from which a deterministic and essentialist vision of DNA is projected, shielding a certain conception of kinship (unilinear descending inheritance, heteronormative nuclear, patercentric family). At the same time, these fictions justify the extractivism of the reproductive capacities of certain bodies (gametes, embryos, wombs) or selection practices (donor or embryonic). But the latest research on genetics (microchimerism or epigenetics) invites us to queerify the discourses and to consider other ways of understanding the processes of bonding and life. BetaBlastoCuir addresses these questions through methodologies drawn from the field of art, with amalgams of scientific-mythological narratives and speculative, somatic and poetic methodologies that will be activated in performative, radio and editorial formats. The project assumes the vital importance of politically addressing reproductive technologies and the markets in which they are inscribed and twisting the representations constructed around genetics in order to propose other imaginaries that expand the possibilities in the reproduction of life, kinship bonds and the practices of motherhood.

We sincerely thank all the participants of the call and wish Ona Bros all the best for her residency at Hangar.


With the suport of:


Image: Ona Bros

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