Printed Film Workshop

On May 21, the resident collective Crater-Lab will impart the workshop of Printed Film in Hangar.

The workshop is an approach to free software tools and digital fabrication (printing and laser cutting) to create an alternative support to 16mm film. These tools allow to process digital images and sounds and transfer them to a material different from the conventional photosensitive film, but maintaining certain characteristics such as transparency, sequentiality of images and physical structure (16mm wide with perforations), which allow its passage through an analog projector; adding, in turn, a rare element when filming in 16mm: sound. In this case, with a monaural optical soundtrack.

The transfer from digital to analog opens a series of creative and accessible possibilities to those who want to work in a 16mm step without the need to film and develop, or intervene previously exposed photosensitive material. But also to those who wish to incorporate digital tools to their usual photochemical process, thus expanding the field of film exploration, thanks to current technology and its ability to prolong and update analog film practices.

Program of the session:

Introduction to the workflow with examples and technical tests of the possibilities offered by this resource. Notes on the software to be used: Processing and Ffmpeg.

Software installation.

Some practical uses of Ffmpeg for audiovisual.

Execution of Processing to process digital videos.

Printing and laser cutting of the material in 16mm film strips.

Splicing and projection of the final result.

Software to use:




Requirements to participate: A laptop computer. It is not necessary to have previous programming knowledge. Each participant must bring with him/her the digital file of the video he/she wants to transfer to the physical support, with an approximate duration of one minute.

Practical information

Date: May 21st
Schedule: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Place: Crater-Lab / Hangar
Price: 50€.
Registration write to:



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