Paco Chanivet

Long term residency

May 2016 - 2018


Paco Chanivet, Sevilla 1984

“We are between two worlds, one we don’t recognize and the other doesn’t exist yet” I.S Between these two universes we found the work of Chanivet, who with a disbelieving and sardonic attitude drifts between the rare, the beautiful and the unjust. Influenced by a Catholic-Christian education, he maintains a dependent relationship with the absolute that has converted his artistic production in an outpouring of forms and themes.  His practice is fragmentary, and avoids any systematization. His methodology is a crude attempt to mimic the properties of quantum entanglement, connecting points that at first glance are far from each other to create emerging reality models that do not resemble the existing, but pervert our relationship with it. His obsessions address issues such as how the primal myths are repeated through us, love as a way to evade the tragic nature of existence, technology as the gateway to a reality that does not seek to replace the one that protects us, but to question it as the only plausible, and speculate (through science fiction and Costumbrism) with the possibilities that burn into the hearts of the impossibles.

He holds a degree in Fine Arts with studies in anthropology and cinema direction and screenplay. Besides his work as an artist, he is part of the audiovisual collective Lopetegui Productions (, of the design and communication studio Trini and is co-founder of the Stomatech initiative (http: // stomatech. of meetings on ciberphilosophy and critical fascination with technology. Some of his contributions in the local art environment have been for Tràfic Festival (CCCB), El lugar de los hechos (Sala d’Art Jove), ClaResil 2012mg (La Capella), Audioderiva for JR Plaza Archive (La Virreina Centre Imatge), Blue Seven Phenomena and 100% Desván (Sant Andreu Contemporani), F for Fiction (Can Felipa Arts Visuals), Family Constellations (Muncunill EspaiDos Chamber) and Travaillez Ne Jamais (DNA Platform, DNA Gallery).

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