Pedro Agudelo Rendón

Pedro Antonio Agudelo (Colombia)

Period of residency: September 2013

“I am interested in processes related to the memory and the time, so much to individual level as at the social level. The memory has to see with political and social practices of pressure; it is an expanded field of the human experience and for it itself it mutates, is distorted, corrodes, oxidizes or fictionalizes. I investigate the subjective memory, that one who constructs the subject in his particular relation with the world; collective memory, that which arises from the processes of social and urban integration; memory that the objects kept through footprints, signs, traces; memory as a process of oxidation and degradation; memory as a state in the becoming of history of art and the things that permanently change.

My visual proposals are related with the time passing and the likelihood that things have to disappear, to injure or dressers; and the possibility of systematizing the actions, gestures and objects. I explore the matter from its plastic options: a pin can puncture, shine, draw or paint to rust; a canvas can be a carrier or a sculptural form; a toy may represent a form or become a pictorial element. There is an interest in the matter and their capability to save, in the space presence of the canvas and the pins that is imposed.

Through graphic works, sculptural objects and gestures of pictorial language, I deal with the mnemonic experience as a sensitive concept. I understand the matter (sharp, oxidized) from its material and symbolic aspect. In this way, I attempt to revive the collective memory to configure with it a portrait of our contemporary society through their ways of remembering and save.”



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