Presentation of the work of Minyung Im and Javier Arean artist collective, Elisa Patino and Christos Galanis

Minyung Im
Korea, 1987

The artist Minyung Im resident in Hangar from April to late June, will present two of her video-performances in which she develops the world as a stage. Based on performative and documentary actions she reflects about the dramatic essence of life, of how the unreality present in reality sometimes becomes something even more surreal than fiction.

O minute, video-performance

This project sees life as a game in which we are all heroes of our own stage, the world we inhabit. What would happen if we stopped acting, if we abandon our role? The artist makes a self-reflection on the breakdown of a role, in a context of successive changes at high speed, how distance gives us the opportunity to observe.

Theatrum Mundi # 1 Empty House, video performance

Luna is a young woman living in a palace. Her only relationship is with Pedro, a mannequin. Usually she cherishes it, until one day, a glass breaks as they dance together and their peaceful routine is shattered.

O Minute “Utopía”

Javier Arean
Mexico, 1969

Javier Arean, currently residing in Hangar, will present the project you are working on the road to Republican Retreat at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The central part of the project was to walk the same route that forced thousands of people -including his grandfather, Republican-pilot- to walk from Barcelona to Argeles-sur-Mer in southern France. During 15 days, the artist walked the same route in reverse, from France to Spain.

During the talk Javier Arean, Elisa Patino and Christos Galanis, the artists’colective will address the objectives and process of the project, the difficulties they went through during the experience, the work they have done during the residency, and issues related to concept walking as an art form, and the social, historical, aesthetic and anthropological arising from this practice.

la foto

Day: June 26
Time: 18:30 h
Venue: Ricson, Hangar

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