Rebekka Löffler

Echange HISK – Sala d’ Art Jove

September 2017

Rebekka Sarah Löffler, Germany 1985

Her paintings evince a poetic, philosophical, and imaginative approach that aims to show what things mean to her. They are reflections, and answers to inner and outer occurrences that touch her emotionally. During the process of painting, she probes the initial idea from different angles, expand it spatially, and endow it with a physical form (a sound-like body). She aims to set the idea in motion through painterly means, breathing life into it, and giving it rhythm.
In several of her paintings, she reflects on moments in which her personal perception and view is changing, as well as moments that embody a release from an unpleasant situation. The painting “The Great Departure”, 2016 visualizes a jump out of the framed world (of the painting) into something new and unknown. In other paintings,she questions rigid and outdated ways of thinking and acting or deal with language and origin.
These reflections on how she and others perceive and define our multifaceted world in different ways influence the formal decisions in her painting as well. She is particularly interested in artistic means that affect the perception of the image and produce a complex space.

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